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Presales May 5th

Release June 16th

After a series of epic, sprawling and headphones-friendly albums, Motorpsycho is back with a short, reasonably pop-formatted and intimate album of mainly acoustically based songs. For once playing the game instead of trying to reinvent it, this 10-song album of tunes is clearly a reaction in some way to too much architecture and too many grand visions, and dials the music down to more comprehensive and digestible sizes than have been the band’s métier lately.
While as ever clearly drawing on inspiration from late 60s/early 70s heroes, Yay! is as indebted to earlier iterations of Motorpsycho as anything else, and will be recognizable to fans of vintage Motorpsychodelia as well as a breath of fresh air to newer Psychonauts that only ever heard the heavy progressive side of the band.

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Album formats:

Vinyl, three versions.
– Milky clear with red smoke
– Crystal clear turquoise blob multi splatter
– Transparent turquoise

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Motorpsycho? Yay! tracks:

  1. Cold & Bored
  2. Sentinels
  3. Patterns
  4. Dank State
  5. W.C.A.
  6. Real Again
  7. Lock Meaninglessness & the Mull Of Dull
  8. Hotel Daedalus
  9. Scaredcrow
  10. The Rapture


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