1 May 2023

About NFGS


NFGS is Motorpsycho’s new record company.

After years of fruitful and successful working relationships with labels as diverse as EMI, Sony, Rune Grammofon, Stickman Records and others, the time is right for Motorpsycho to grab fate by the scruff of its neck and become masters of their own reality.

Having released well over 50 records in all possible formats over the last thirty years, Motorpsycho is among the most-published Norwegian musical ensembles ever.
Some of these releases have been highly visible mainstream affairs, while others have been minute and semi-secret, but to the band all of it is a part of ‘The Work’.
Over the years the band has started to feel the need to get some kind of overview and control over all of these various releases, and with this in mind, NFGS was established. It is to function as a hub for all things Motorpsychodelic on record: NFGS will administer Motorpsycho’s recordings: make sure old releases stay in print, and help facilitate and finance new releases by the band.

Motorpsycho’s relationship with current close partners such as Rune Grammofon and Stickman Records will continue while these labels still have catalog in stock. Additional new partners will make sure everything else is readily available both in stores and online.

Taking this on, NFGS’ international affairs will be handled by Jurgen Van Den Brand and Guy Pinhas from We Ship Vinyl in Amsterdam, and domestic business will be handled by label CEO P.J. Pedersen.
While a lot of this is new to the band, we trust they will help Motorpsycho remain a valid and reliable force in modern music.
Now also with a semblance of control.

Best regards,
the Management