NFGS0424 Motorpsycho - Psycholab

Motorpsycho – Psycholab (Single Edit)

Release 26.04.24
Art: NFGS0424
Label: Det Nordenfjeldske Grammofonselskab

Sgt. Psycho on a Friday, new single!

Psycholab is the first single from Motorpsychos 32nd studio album. Hedonism is the last resort of the desperately disillusioned, so a party song in the face of adversity -Viking style. Or maybe not… – feels appropriate and prescient in 2024.    

Psycholab is a pop song derived from dance performance music that was inspired by the Velvet Underground and 60’s performance art, but has a folksy vibe (fiddles!) and a catchy pop hook buried deep in the mix. Traditional Motorpsycho values in other words! Channeling krautrock and 90’s dronepop, this gem shines through dense layers of harmony while drum machine and toy drums bash away in a primitive psych groove and the drone goes ever on. Mon Dieu!