3 Jul 2024

Motorpsycho-A missive from The Mothership

A missive from The Mothership

… ”Evenin’ all! This is yr captain speaking” …  Alright, it’s been a while since I did one of these. Out of practice, but with a feeling this needs doing. So much has happened over the last two years, but so little has been communicated, and confusion levels are a bit too high in the Psychoverse for comfort. Hope this helps. First off, let me explain.By…..

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20 Jun 2024

NFGS0124 Motorpsycho - Neigh!!

Neigh!! Preorder started

Preorder start: 28.06.2024Release date: 23.08.2024Format: LP / Digital There are songs that makes friends with anyone and do great at parties, doling out compliments left, right and center. And then there are those songs that just don’t seem to fit in, songs that knock over glasses and makes awkward comments to the host as they stubbornly refuse to adapt and adjust to whatever larger setting you…..

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