26 Apr 2024

NFGS0424 Motorpsycho - Psycholab

Sgt. Psycho on a Friday, new single!

Psycholab is the first single from Motorpsychos 32nd studio album. Hedonism is the last resort of the desperately disillusioned, so a party song in the face of adversity -Viking style. Or maybe not… – feels appropriate and prescient in 2024. Psycholab is a pop song derived from dance performance music that was inspired by the Velvet Underground and 60’s performance art, but has a folksy vibe…..

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23 Feb 2024

Sgt Psycho’s Psolitary EP & Singles Club!

The great NFGS singles program 2024 Since the beginning back in the pre-grunge era of the 80’s, the members of Motorpsycho have loved the single: the 7’’ and the 10’’, the CD single and later, the digital single – no matter the format: nothing quite compares to the 3min-something kick of a good song played really well! It’s the aural equivalent of a one nite stand:…..

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