23 Jun 2023

Motorpsycho – W.C.A. video!

The album is finally out, you knew that, but have you seen our new video? Made by Lacktr, it gets to the heart of the matter: we are indeed only puppets, and it’s the stranger in the tinfoil hat that calls the shots… From the album Yay! (2023) Written by: Bent Sæther Hans Magnus Ryan: lead & background vocals, electric guitarsBent Sæther: background vocals, acoustic guitars,…..

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2 May 2023

Motorpsycho? YAY!


In the winter of 2021, after almost a year of covid lockdowns, masks and fear of the plague, we Motorpsychos realized that most of our usual work routines were no longer applicable: no one could travel, people were stuck in their homes, cultural activities wound down everywhere, and options were increasingly limited for a working rock band: inertia and entropy loomed. As the months went by,…..

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